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Why Use FSW Friction Stir Welding?

1. What is FSW friction stir welding?

In FSW friction stir welding, the metal is stirred, not melted. The friction stir welding process is especially suitable for joining non-ferrous metals with low melting points and dissimilar metal welds. Friction stir welding is a pressure welding process. In this innovative welding process, the metal is stirred at the seam by rotating tools and does not melt in contrast to arc and laser beam welding processes. The seams are heated but still joined in a solid state. Friction stir welding is therefore particularly suitable for joining aluminum alloys, mixed joints and technically pure metals.

Friction stir welding and FSW products are used in various industries: custom battery trays for hybrid and BEV (battery electric vehicle) models, heat exchangers and power electronics; power transmission/power electronics; rail vehicle manufacturing; battery manufacturing; aerospace; consumer electronics products.

battery tray for wheel arch

2. Reasons for using FSW friction stir welding

Are you designing an aluminium product that requires long welds? Or a strong and watertight aluminum frame to protect an electric car's battery? Perhaps you wish to reduce maintenance costs for offshore applications? Are your design options limited?

In short, the effects of friction stir welding compared to traditional fusion welding are as follows: increased strength; improved sealing through void-free and leak-proof joints; thinner material can be used with the same joint strength. Tensile strength properties of friction stir welded aluminum alloys are superior to arc welded ones, with consistently better joint efficiency. The data also show that the fatigue performance of friction stir welds is better than that of arc welds.

3. What are the benefits of FSW friction stir welding?

Excellent welding quality of friction stir welding: durable, medium-tight and pressure-tight weld seam; high, repeatable seam quality; strong, elastic and extremely load-bearing; no porosity or thermal cracks, because the material has no liquid or gas phase; low warpage joints.

Cost-effectiveness of FSW friction stir welding: Reduced procurement and storage requirements for operating materials as no auxiliary materials such as shielding gas, powder or welding wire are required; low energy consumption compared to conventional welding processes; require less seam preparation and post-processing; low reject rate due to high process robustness.

FSW friction stir welding environment and health protection: no dust, gas, smoke, radiation pollution; zero emissions; quieter than ordinary welding processes; no auxiliary materials such as shielding gas, powder or welding wire; production of electric vehicle components (heat exchangers and batteries tray) important step.

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