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What Are the Main Application Fields of Water Cooling Plates?

Water cooling plates do not seem to have a unified definition. We only define it in the application scenario of the water cooling plate of the power battery pack, and describe it as follows: In the power battery system, excess heat is generated during battery operation. The heat is transferred through the surface of the battery or module and the aluminum component of the plate, and finally carried away by the cooling fluid passing through the internal flow channel of the component. This aluminum component is the water cooling plate.

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Water cooling plates, same as the product water jacket electric motor, have been widely used in many fields in recent years. In the traditional heat dissipation method, mechanical fans are often used to provide air cooling for heat dissipation. When encountering a working environment with a large amount of heat, it is difficult to cope with it. The water-cooled method directly contacts the heat source, uses continuous cool water to take away excess heat, and naturally has better heat dissipation effect. So, in which fields are these water-cooled radiators mainly applied?

Water cooling plates are applied to servers

Computer servers are often dozens or even hundreds of devices used together, and the heat generated under such circumstances is astonishing. It is undoubtedly a drop in the bucket to rely solely on fan cooling. This is why many large servers are built in places where water resources are abundant, and the good water cooling plate is playing a powerful role in heat dissipation. Partnering with a reputable liquid cooling plate factory ensures that these cooling solutions are both efficient and reliable, effectively managing the thermal demands of extensive server operations.

Water cooling plates are applied to power equipment such as inverters

Civil inverters may not need too strong heat dissipation equipment, but industrial inverters do. If the heat emitted is not dissipated in time, it may burn out the equipment or even cause disasters. Therefore, it is the priority to use good heat dissipation liquid cooling plate. Moreover, these good radiators can keep these devices at the appropriate temperature, which is also beneficial to improving the work efficiency of these devices.

Water cooling plates are applied to active power filters, static var generators, and other equipment

These devices also have a huge amount of heat, and even if some of them cannot be cooled by water alone, other specially made liquids can be used to achieve cooling purposes, and water cooling plates can also be used for these purposes. Therefore, water-cooled radiators can play a good role in these fields.

Of course, the application field of water cooling plates is far more than these. Water-cooling can help equipment operate at an appropriate temperature and reduce the probability of safety accidents caused by high temperature. Basically, any mechanical equipment, power equipment, and computer equipment with excessive heat generation can apply this type of radiator and work better. Water cooling plate supplier is linked to many industries.

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