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Die Casting Lighting

Die Casting Lighting

Die-cast lighting products usually include street lamp housings, lamp holders, lamp stands, and other lighting fixture shells and components. The raw materials for these parts: usually die-cast from materials such as aluminum alloy or zinc alloy. However, in outdoor lighting or marine environment lighting projects, copper nickel indium coating can be chose as raw materials, especially in environments where corrosion resistance needs to be improved.

Ningbo Cheeven New Materials is one of the China Led FSW Manufacturers and die casting lighting factory. We have a team of die casting lighting to design, develop and manufacture our own luminaries, and offer a superior range of product and service including die cast aluminum outdoor lighting, high bay ,die casting lighting parts and die casting OEM products. Our factory's lighting casting materials are optional. Depending on your needs, please contact our design team to determine whether copper nickel indium coating is required.

We can provide a full service or simple SKD supply only. We keep it in mind that aluminium die casting products need to meet all EU demands when we begin project operation. Our wholesale die cast aluminum outdoor lighting are tested in believable, honored laboratories and throughout product development process they go through rigorous performance testing too.         

Equipped with three coordinate detectors and conventional testing equipment to, Cheeven, a die casting manufacturer, has built a special mold test workshop, aiming to fully find problems and completely improve problems through the small batch trial production process, put an end to bringing problems to customer mass production and try our best to ensure the quality of our die casting lighting.

Die Casting Lighting Gallery

Die Casting Lighting Gallery

Die Cast Aluminium Lighting

Die casting is a very efficient way to work with copper, zinc, and aluminum alloys. As said, the process can ensure dimensional accuracy, and so, little to no machining is needed to finish the products. Cheeven provides die cast aluminium lighting with good quality. A vital advantage of using aluminum in the casting process of die casting lighting is its low cost — aluminum parts are much less expensive than parts produced by other manufacturing processes. From a functionality perspective, aluminum cast parts generally weigh one third lower than steel parts, while still offering the strength and durability that's vital for any lighting institution.  In fact, quality die casting is the best way to mass produce ornate LED light fixtures economically. The properties of aluminum make it a suitable metal for die casting and moreover the metal is lightweight and non-toxic.

Die Casting Lighting Parts Types

As one of the leading lighting parts manufacturers in China, Cheeven can deliver the high-quality products for your specific lighting applications. We offer a comprehensive menu of die casting services for lighting parts for both outdoor and indoor use. All of our die casting lighting parts are backed by more than 20 years of experience in providing a wide range of die casting and related services to companies in all industries. You can trust us to develop the right lighting solution for your needs and budget. Here are some typical die cast aluminium lighting and die casting lighting parts.

  • Industrial light globe guards

  • Die cast aluminum outdoor lighting

  • Wall sconce fixtures

  • Housings for traffic lights

  • Housings for parking garage lighting

  • Hanging lighting fixtures for offices        

Die Casting Lighting Services

Our die casting lighting parts services extend well beyond manufacturing. The first job of our team is to understand your special demands and also produce custom die casting lighting parts that are ideally suited to your uses.

Do not worry about the quality of our die casting lighting. Let us assure you that we apply the most strict quality- assurance measures for the best possible results. We also provide other die casting products like die casting automotive parts. Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information if you have any questions about die casting lighting parts or need to work with specific alloys similar as aluminum. We ’ll also be happy to give any details about our die casting process.

Die Casting Lighting Details

Product name

lighting Die Casting




As Customer Requirements


Aluminium/Aluminum alloy/Al/Al alloy







Applicable industry

Lighting lamps



Marketing type

New Product

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China

Core components



Die Casting, Machining




ISO9001: 2015 standard

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Friction Stir Welding, FSW, Die Casting, Aluminum Alloy, lighting, lamps, Machining, LED,die cast aluminium outdoor lighting

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