Ningbo Cheeven New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Cheeven New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Cheeven main products include new energy vehicle three-electric shell products, water-cooled plates, semiconductor water-cooled parts, sealing cylinders, die-casting products, high-end new Materials and friction stir welding equipment, etc.
Friction Stir Welder For Sale
As one of the leading friction stir welding companies, Cheeven's FSW head can weld from existing CNC machine tools, whether it is a 3, 4 or 5-axis machine. The Stir weld FSW head brings the FSW welding functions to the machining center: force control and recording, cooling, protection of the spindle against loads and vibrations.
Carbon Nanotubes Products
As one of the leading carbon nanotube companies, Cheeven provide carbon nanotubes products covering the fields of the car steering wheel, car seat, heated clothing, heated home, and so on.
Electric Heating Radiator
Cheeven provide heating radiator such as convection heaters, imitation aluminum alloy convection heaters, plane convection heaters, PTC heaters, and outdoor heaters.
Die Casting Products
Die casting workshop in Cheeven is equipped with nine 200-280T, and one 1600T, 800T and 500T cold chamber die casting machines respectively, with complementary automatic soup feeding machines, sprayers, pick up machines, mold temperature machines and water /oil.
New Metal Alloy
Cheeven produces products which mainly promote high-strength and high-conductivity copper-silver alloys, copper-nickel-indium powders, and high-purity titanium targets.
Friction stir welding can be widely used in various industries including aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transit, automobile manufacturing (including the new energy electric vehicle market), electronics industry, etc.
About Cheeven
Stand for highly-qualified work, first- class products, bold enough spirit to try, and endless pursuit of perfection.

As one of the leading die casting parts factory in Ningbo, Cheeven New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the needs of major national strategic fields such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, artificial intelligence, etc., focusing on intelligent friction stir welding special equipment manufacturing and process technology research and development, and has formed a relatively comprehensive multi-variety, high-performance intelligent Friction stir welding tool and products.

As one of the professional custom metal die casting products manufacturers in China, Cheeven has 4 associate senior researchers and 5 doctoral and master students. The professional fields cover materials science, aviation manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other fields. With more than 15 years of rich experience in aviation manufacturing, Cheeven requires high-quality aviation manufacturing to develop itself and serve customers. Provide advanced, professional and intelligent friction stir welding equipment and products, as well as related skills training and after-sales service.

Associate Senior Researchers
Doctoral and Master Students
Years of Rich Aviation Manufacturing Experience
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