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Why Do You Need Battery Trays?

Take a breathtaking stroll through the scenic path in the woods with miles of adventure waiting for you in your trusted RV, powered by durable lithium batteries. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about your power source. But driving on those sharp curves, hilly landscapes, and narrow roads can be risky. While you may have secured most of your belongings, you might have overlooked your batteries. Are they safe? Just like your RV shifting gears and moving up and down the hill, your batteries move too - bouncing around at the back. Whether you're driving between canyons or boating on your favorite lakes, you need to protect your batteries with a battery tray.

What is a battery tray?

An alloy battery tray is just what it sounds like - a tray designed to secure batteries in place. It's like a protective case for your camera or phone. A battery tray is a battery's bodyguard that keeps it safe, secure, and grounded in one place. The functions of a battery tray include preventing damage to the battery, securing it in the proper position, preventing slippage, and serving as a safe place to store multiple batteries.

Do we need a battery tray?

Do I need a battery tray for my boat? Yes! A marine battery tray is a crucial part of smooth sailing and rowing adventures. A universal battery tray metal doesn't only help keep your battery in place through challenging conditions and rough waves, but it also gives you a sense of security. When your battery dislodges, it may stop working, and nobody wants to lose power on the water or regret not investing in a marine battery tray early on. You might end up being towed back home by the coast guard, and your boat will lose power without proper battery support.

Do you need an RV battery tray? So, instead of facing unpredictable waters, you're out and about cruising or taking weekend trips in your trusted RV. You have an ion lithium RV battery, so you don't have to worry about battery acid leakage. This means you don't need a battery tray, right? Wrong! Regardless of what battery you have, you don't want it moving around. A battery moving when it shouldn't can lead to various forms of damage, significantly reducing its lifespan. A battery tray ensures that your battery stays in place and connected at all times. Therefore, no unexpected power interruptions and system failures will occur.

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