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Is the Electric Vehicle Battery Tray Important?

Electric Vehicle (EV) battery trays are an essential component of modern EV battery systems. The battery tray is designed to provide structural integrity to the battery pack and also seals it to prevent liquids from entering the battery pack. Today's battery trays use innovative materials and processes to provide sufficient structural rigidity, cleverly balancing weight and structural integrity.

How important is the battery tray to the performance/efficiency of the battery in an electric vehicle?

The material and structure of the EV battery tray FSW can have a significant impact on the efficiency of an electric vehicle. Reducing the overall curb weight is crucial to extending the range of the EV to the point where consumers no longer experience range anxiety, which has been a factor hindering the adoption of EVs. The balance must be struck between reducing weight and not compromising the structural integrity of the battery pack. Cast aluminum and high-strength composite materials are being introduced to maintain structural integrity while minimizing the actual curb weight of electric vehicles.

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What adverse effects will a inefficient battery tray have on an electric vehicle?

If the appropriate balance between structural integrity and weight is not achieved, range anxiety will continue to be a factor that potentially deters potential EV buyers from taking the leap and fully embracing EV technology. The design of the alloy battery tray is also critical to ensure it is sturdy, durable, and will not be affected by liquid ingress, which could lead to catastrophic failures in the battery pack system and ultimately the EV. Testing of electric vehicle battery trays is a critical element in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers need to develop robust and reliable products, and the leak test process becomes an important means of verifying product integrity as well as ultimately validating the manufacturing process.

Testing of electric vehicle battery trays

Choosing the wrong leak test method can have far-reaching consequences. Liquid ingress into the battery pack can have catastrophic consequences for a vehicle, so the product design and manufacturing domains must come together to select the most appropriate test method to ensure the long-term integrity of the electric vehicle. The presence of liquid could have a negative reaction with the lithium-ion batteries that power today's electric vehicles. In extreme cases, a vehicle may catch fire due to liquid ingress.

Undoubtedly, the large size and structure of the battery tray make it an extremely challenging leak test application. Apart from the size and structure of the battery tray, the upstream manufacturing process before the leak test plays a very important role in the final robustness of the test method.

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