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What is a Battery Tray?

Introduction of battery tray

The battery tray is designed to securely hold large battery packs in place. The tray prevents the battery from rolling out of position and damaging surrounding objects or even the battery itself. Many products come with mounting bolts to secure the tray in place and adjustable straps to hold the battery in the tray. These trays also prevent battery acid and other corrosive materials from dripping or leaking onto nearby surfaces.

Applications of battery tray

A type of battery tray can be found on most vehicles and ships. On a ship, the tray secures the battery in place under adverse conditions. In automobiles or motorcycles, the alloy battery tray provides easier access to remove and replace the battery as needed and also protects other engine components from rusting and corroding. When leaks or corrosion occur, users can simply remove the existing battery tray and replace it with a new one. The new tray can also serve as a cushion between the existing tray and battery.

Depending on the model, these trays may be made of steel, aluminum, or thermoplastic materials. In many cases, stainless steel or galvanized steel is used to minimize the effects of rust and corrosion. In a marine environment where salt water increases the level of corrosion, thermoplastic trays are often the best choice.

It is important to carefully select the battery tray to ensure a secure fit. Most automobiles and motorcycles require specific types of battery trays based on the make and model of the vehicle. Batteries are unlikely to fit securely in the wrong tray, which can lead to performance and safety issues.

On a ship, trays can be interchanged to accommodate common battery sizes. Buyers should pay attention to the maximum battery height allowed on each strap of the tray and the installation options offered for each model. If the battery is installed in an area that is difficult to reach, a thin or compact battery tray may be required. Some ships require dual battery trays to hold a spare battery or a pair of active batteries. Cheeven provides custom battery trays and universal battery tray metal to meet all customers needs.

Benefits of battery tray

In addition to the basic safety of the battery, the battery tray offers users many benefits. It not only protects the battery from damage but also secures it in the correct position to maintain a connection with the relevant equipment. A loose battery can cause a disconnection, leading to system failure with a depleted battery. The battery tray also makes it easier to remove and reinstall the battery, especially on a ship where battery access may be limited.

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